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Big data and data mining are invaluable commodities in this information age. Statista estimate that the global big data analytics market will increase with a compound annual growth rate of almost 30% in coming years, with revenue reaching over $68billion by 2025. Over the last two decades, use of data mining techniques has rapidly accelerated. […]

In today’s digital world, data is being amassed at a faster rate than ever before. As individuals, as a society, as a global population, our digital footprints generate colossal volumes of data as we go about our daily lives – often without us even realising. As TechJury illustrate, data and big data are forces to […]

The global business environment is changing. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, together with the COVID-19 pandemic and unpredictable worldwide economic activity, mean that a new world paradigm is unfolding. Experts also predict that trillions of pounds in consumer spending are ready to be injected back into the global economy. To remain at the forefront in this […]

At first glance, leadership and management may appear to be synonymous with one another. Surely, a manager tasked with supervising people naturally also leads? Isn’t leading and managing people just common sense? Aren’t all successful leaders effective managers, and vice versa? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In order to maximise the output of an […]

Tapping into what engages people – and understanding how to engage them — can mean the difference between a successful venture that supports people, and one that will fail to meet its objectives. In education, this could mean teaching in a way that sparks imagination, or supporting learners to achieve to the best of their […]

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