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In our digital world, businesses generate and use vast amounts of data every single day. Spanning everything from commercially sensitive customer details to confidential financial records, this data must be managed and stored efficiently, effectively, and securely. This is where data storage management comes in. It is a crucial component of any organisation’s IT infrastructure, […]

Presenting raw data often isn’t the best way to articulate ideas, trace patterns and convey meaning. While they may be accurate, when viewed in isolation, numbers and figures don’t tell much of a story – or, if they do, certainly not always an engaging one. We all engage with visual representations of numbers and data […]

Business leaders are increasingly aware of the power and wisdom of data-driven decision-making. In the right hands, data translates into valuable information that can be used to any business end – from spotting patterns in customer buying behaviour, to highlighting business opportunities, to optimising customer service experiences. In short, it enhances both short-term and long-term, […]

Clustering is a technique used in several areas of computer science – such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and data mining – to group similar data points based on the information contained within them, such as characteristics or features. This approach is particularly useful when dealing with large-scale datasets that contain unstructured, unlabelled, […]

In today’s data-driven world, it’s no surprise that data analytics has become an in-demand career path. The ability to analyse and interpret large datasets is crucial for making informed business decisions, which means there is a growing demand for skilled data analysts in a variety of industries, including: Banking and finance. Insurance. Manufacturing. Healthcare and […]

Award - Britain's best university, as ranked by students (StudentCrowd University Awards, 2022)
80% of research 'world-leading' or 'internationally excellent' (Research Excellence Framework, 2021)
Top 3 in the UK for postgraduate business courses
Global Sustainability Institution of the Year (International Green Gown Awards, 2021)

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