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Cultures of thinking emerged from Ron Ritchhart’s 2015 book Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools. The book was written as a response to the increasing emphasis in education on test-taking rather than developing students’ thinking and understanding. The term ‘Cultures of Thinking’ (CoT) is defined as […]

Too often, organisational initiatives aimed at addressing issues of workplace diversity and ethics fall short of their intended goals. Too often, they’re ‘sticking plasters’ which fail to meaningfully address underlying problems; in many cases, short-term enthusiasm and commitment fades, and any progress is either minimal or short-lived; worse yet, attempts at diversity are labelled ‘vanity […]

Recommendation systems are filtering systems used on digital platforms. Sometimes called recommender systems, these are the mechanisms that suggest movies or shows to watch on Netflix, books to read on Amazon, and people to follow on Instagram based on your user preferences, purchases, or viewing history. The use of recommendation systems helps brands that offer […]

Creativity in an educational context is often thought of in terms of creative subjects such as music, art, and drama. These subjects certainly nurture creativity, but creativity is an integral part of teaching and learning across all subjects. It involves an active curiosity when seeing something for the first time and how we react to […]

We live in a highly interconnected world where international business has expanded and flourished, particularly since the 1980s when globalisation started to become the norm. However, trade’s share of global GDP peaked in 2008 and has consistently fallen in the last decade. Many economists believe that since that point, we have been witnessing deglobalisation.  In […]

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