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Human history is filled with leaders, from Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte, to Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, and yet the concept of leadership is one that continues to inspire debate and study as people attempt to understand what leadership truly is. For example, in their article Evolution of leadership theory, authors Sihame Benmira […]

Modern leadership comes with a unique set of values and opportunities. As leaders shift away from traditional, autocratic management styles, they are instead adopting more agile, democratic, and transformational styles that focus on building greater relationships, trust, and engagement. According to a 2021 Forbes article, modern leadership requires: promoting a sense of inclusion and belonging […]

In many ways, traditional leadership is at a crossroads. A combination of large-scale global uncertainties – economic recession, a pandemic, political turmoil and workplace injustice, to name a few – and changing attitudes to what we expect from modern leaders, has caused many to re-evaluate their roles. More and more, particularly among younger demographics, employees […]

The effects of climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have all played havoc with businesses worldwide in recent years. Overhauling supply chain management activity to make them sustainable not only benefits people and the planet but also helps to future-proof companies against global shocks. What exactly is a sustainable supply chain? […]

Our global, technologically driven business environment rewards brands and companies who think, act and plan in ways that can keep up against a backdrop of volatile economies, evolving consumer needs and market innovations. 21st-century businesses who prioritise sustainable, flexible and agile methods of scaling must be digitally minded. Statistics from McKinsey, Deloitte and other sources […]

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