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What do self-driving cars, speech recognition software and LinkedIn have in common? Along with many of the services we use every day, the answer is their reliance on machine learning. In fact, in today’s digital world, few aspects of our lives aren’t powered by this technology. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, entertainment systems […]

While the teaching force is largely composed of women – both nationally and internationally – there exists a concerning underrepresentation of women in its leadership positions. Imbalance persists across the board, from salary and benefits to recruitment and promotion. DODS Diversity & Inclusion offer a snapshot of the current discrepancies between men and women in […]

The core tenet of any organisation’s product or service operations is an established, effective operations management strategy. Operations management refers to the business processes involved with planning, organising and monitoring the production process. It’s concerned with converting raw materials and labour into goods and services in the most efficient manner possible – in short, it […]

Big data and data mining are invaluable commodities in this information age. Statista estimate that the global big data analytics market will increase with a compound annual growth rate of almost 30% in coming years, with revenue reaching over $68billion by 2025. Over the last two decades, use of data mining techniques has rapidly accelerated. […]

In today’s digital world, data is being amassed at a faster rate than ever before. As individuals, as a society, as a global population, our digital footprints generate colossal volumes of data as we go about our daily lives – often without us even realising. As TechJury illustrate, data and big data are forces to […]

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