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Ruth Brooks

Ruth Brooks is a content production specialist of more than 15 years’ experience working in Australian and UK higher education. Ruth graduated from the University of South Australia (UniSA) with a Bachelor of Arts (Professional and Creative Communications) in 2007 and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing in 2015.

Her experience spans the research, writing and editing of print and digital communications and marketing collateral for UniSA, as well as the creative development and design of a wide variety of visual communications including print publications and digital marketing assets for University College London. Today, Ruth works to produce and publish digital content that both informs and engages across an array of postgraduate subject areas, as well as web content in the higher education space.

Latest articles

In a rapidly developing and evolving modern world, one of the few constants has been the presence of computer systems. These systems, from personal computers such as desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and wearable technology, have become integral in our daily lives. They have helped shape our present – the way we live, the […]

Computer systems have become an integral part of people’ssdaily lives, both at home and at work. And while the convenience and efficiencies they bring can be hugely beneficial, they can also pose potential health and safety risks.  It’s important to understand the various hazards associated with computer systems, as well as appropriate measures to help […]

Our world revolves around data – its collection and analysis, as well as the opportunities it presents. In today’s competitive, fast-paced and often-saturated marketplaces, organisations having comprehensive, holistic oversight of their own data is business-critical. Failure to do so can result in poor business decisions, lost market share, an inability to adapt to supply or […]

In our digital world, businesses generate and use vast amounts of data every single day. Spanning everything from commercially sensitive customer details to confidential financial records, this data must be managed and stored efficiently, effectively, and securely. This is where data storage management comes in. It is a crucial component of any organisation’s IT infrastructure, […]

Presenting raw data often isn’t the best way to articulate ideas, trace patterns and convey meaning. While they may be accurate, when viewed in isolation, numbers and figures don’t tell much of a story – or, if they do, certainly not always an engaging one. We all engage with visual representations of numbers and data […]

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