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A business plan has long been held up as a fundamental and foundational document in getting a business idea off the ground. Every business starts with a business plan. It may initially start out as scribbles on a paper napkin or a beer mat, but ultimately, it will become a formal document that contains business […]

Complexity leadership theory (CLT) has risen to prominence in recent decades as it looks to understand how successful organisations thrive in turbulent times and even in crisis. CLT focuses on emergent processes within complex systems. Despite its name, CLT does not fixate on a leader as being the key player in the success of an […]

Customer segmentation is an exercise carried out in digital marketing to understand a brand’s audience. It is one of many data analytics practices that supports both small businesses and leading companies in their marketing efforts. Data analysts are often specifically employed to carry out this work. Ultimately, if you better understand your customer base, you […]

Education is a system of learning that allows the acquisition of knowledge, skills, morals, and values for personal development. It’s interesting to think about how education began – as the transmission of cultural heritage from each generation to the next.  Education is not just about completing exams and gaining qualifications from an educational institution. It’s […]

A business model is a template of how a business will make money and turn a profit by using a particular system. The most successful business model for a brand can be selected by defining its products or services, understanding who the audience and key customers are, and detailing the costs and overheads that will […]

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