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Leadership styles and styles of management are not fixed. They evolve to reflect changing societal values, adapting in the light of new information about how people best operate and what we expect from our teams and workplaces. Recently – particularly against the backdrop of the global pandemic and the rise of remote and hybrid working […]

As the world’s attention turns to tackling the climate crisis and making the overdue, critical shift to carbon net-zero, awareness of sustainability initiatives – and the role that financial markets and financial products have to play – has been thrown into the spotlight. Underpinning both the viability and widespread rollout of many of these initiatives […]

We are currently at the intersection of some of the most-critical issues facing both our planet and its global population – including human rights abuses, poverty, the climate crisis, food insecurity, economic instability, social inequality and environmental degradation. Each issue on its own is an incredibly complex, multi-faceted and nuanced issue; there exist no instant, […]

The main preoccupation for most entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is securing the requisite funding to launch a new business or venture – both at early-stage and throughout the lifecycle. It’s an expensive gambit: developing high-quality product or service offerings, bringing the right people on board to support the start-up project or business idea, launching to market, […]

Innovative technology has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses interested in international trade. Where previously this might not have been a cost-effective option for many, our increasingly connected global community – and the rise of digital marketing in particular – have now presented alternative, more-affordable ways of reaching new customers. How best should […]

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80% of research 'world-leading' or 'internationally excellent' (Research Excellence Framework, 2021)
Top 3 in the UK for postgraduate business courses
Global Sustainability Institution of the Year (International Green Gown Awards, 2021)

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